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Support Frequently ASKED Questions - Learn More About Us!See Our Features!If you have any questions that are not answered on this page please feel free to contact us.

Where can I find some software to connect and post to usenet?
You can find software on For support inquiries, you will have to contact the software makers directly.

Where can I find the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy? - Learn More About Us!Acceptable Use Policy/Terms Of Service.

Do you offer trial accounts?
Yes. It is a very low cost method of trying out our service.
Plan Download Limit
Basic (TRIAL) Special Features! 250 MBs / Day
$3.95 3-Day Trial
$9.95 / month
Special OfferSpecial Features!Features
PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS! Access to and our specialized uncensored newsgroups.
You'll receive 250 MBs / Day, Multiple Full-Speed Connections, Plus More!

(3-Day Trial!)
Special Features! 1,500 MBs Per Day!
Special Features! Over 45 GigaBytes Per Month!
Special Features! $3.95 TRIAL!
$21.96 per month!
or $99 for 1 FULL Year!
(Save $164.40!)
Full Access to our Super-Storm Server! Every Uncensored Newsgroup in existence! Not only that - we have more binaries content than any other server. Every download and post is completely anonymous! Get MP3s, adult, erotica, multimedia, exe, jpgs, movs, avis, and much more...!

Special Features! The Super-Storm Server features OVER 21 DAYS of BINARIES, VERY OFTEN OVER 25 DAYS, and up to 365 DAYS of text retention! 8 Simultaneous Full-Speed Connections!

You Receive
1,500 MBs Per Day, 8 Full Speed Connections, Plus More!

Special Offer
$21.96 per month! Or $99 for 1 Full Year!
.64 cents Per Day
.42 cents Per GB!
.27 cents Per Day
.18 cents Per GB!
Special Features! $3.95 TRIAL!
Special Features! $21.96 per month!
Over 45 GBs!
Special Features! (Perfect Value!)
Special Features! $99

550 BIG GBs!

(Save $164.40!)

What does the error "502 access denied to your node" mean?
It means that your bandwidth has been used up, or your username and password is incorrect.

What is the address of your news server?
The address is
You may ALSO USE our IP address for a direct connection.
Our IP address is

What ports can I use to connect to?
The standard port for usenet is 119. However, sometimes you may point your news-reader to any of the following ports: 23, 25, 80 and 119.

How often do you rebill for monthly accounts?
For credit card customers we rebill every 30 days for recurring monthly accounts. This may cause you to see two charges in the same month, if it is a 31-day month and usually if you signed up on the 1st or 31st.

What are your policies on Spam/EMP/ECP?
Spam is not tolerated at all, this includes Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP) and Excessive Cross-Posting (ECP). You can find out more about our spam policies on our AUP/TOS.

What are your refund policies?
Our refund policies are outlined in the AUP/TOS.

How do I cancel my account?
Simply contact support and we will email easy instructions that you may follow anytime you wish.

How do you bill me on my Credit Card?
Charges appearing on your credit card will be listed as iBill and are charged every 30 days for monthly accounts, and only 1-time for 1-year and 1-time accounts.

How can I update my Credit Card?
Simply contact support and we will email easy instructions that you may use to update your membership information anytime you wish.

How do I report spam/abuse?
Send email to our abuse team at We cannot accept attachments as part of your abuse report. Any email with attachments is filtered out. HTML email is usually received by support as an attachment, so we generally cannot not accept HTML email. For best results, simply include the complete headers of the post(s) with your email, and a polite and detailed description of your complaint or the abuse.

How many newsgroups do you carry?
About 50,000 newsgroups. This number will go up and down periodically. We carry EVERY newsgroup in existence, so we guarantee we have what you're looking for. We add new groups EVERY WEEK, and will add groups upon request if you don't see your favorite. For best performance, we delete misspelled, dead, and spam-trap groups. Anyone else claiming over 100,000 groups really means you have over 50,000 DEAD groups that you will never use.

How can I request a group to be added?
You can contact support to get your group added.

What kind of speeds are typical from your server?
Usually we will max-out your broadband connection if you use all 8 connections that we allow. Speeds will vary by user, but we do not limit bandwidth in any way.

How many connections do you allow?
We recommend no more than 4 simultaneous connections to the server, but you may have up to 8.

Are there any limits to posting?
Posting is UNLIMITED! There are no limits for posting, however please remember to follow the AUP and the TOS. Posting does not count towards your download limit.
By default, posting access is not turned on until you email us. To have posting access turned on, simply send a quick email to us, and you'll be posting in no time! Just remember - follow netiquette and keep it non-spam - after that...

Post and say ANYTHING you want, ALL you want, and ENJOY!

Are headers free or are they part of the account limit?
Some accounts have FREE headers, however usually headers count towards your download limit. - Buy One of Our Usenet Super-Accounts!
Choose DOWNLOADING Privacy
You get EVERYTHING! Members Benefits! Webmasters and Affiliates - Explore EVERY newsgroup in existence! - Buy One of Our Usenet Super-Accounts!

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