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Access to the best world-class servers. Lightning fast downloads! MAX OUT your broadband with binaries!

The longest in the Usenet Newsgroup industry! Up to 3 weeks on binaries! Almost a year on text groups!

Over 99.9% completion. The best peers in the industry.

do not keep logs of your downloads and never distribute personal information about our customers. Every download is 100% anonymous and every post has all identifying information taken out though our one-of-a-kind anonymous posting server! What you do is your business!

Contacting is easy, as
we offer the best customer support than any other Usenet provider. You can contact us 24 hours a day.

Signing up and accessing member information is
encrypted. What you do is safe with us. We put up one-of-a-kind safeguards to protect your privacy along every step of the way - whether it's signing up or downloading or posting - that no other Usenet provider has ever done. We care about your privacy. It's your business - and it's all encrypted and secure. - Buy One of Our Usenet Super-Accounts!
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Special Features!The #1 Usenet Provider for Windows, MacOS, and Linux/Unix!

Special Features! UNCENSORED, UNLIMITED, AND UNMATCHED! has one of the BIGGEST DOWNLOAD spools on USENET. Discover the BEST and one of the largest Newsgroup Providers in the World.

• One of the largest download spools on Usenet. currently has 20TeraBytes of space. We have by far some the longest retention available; currently OVER 21 DAYS for BINARIES, VERY OFTEN OVER 25 DAYS, and 365 DAYS for text.

We have NO SPEED LIMITS. Download speeds easily average OVER 500k+/second.
Multiply that by 8 CONNECTIONS and MAX OUT YOUR BROADBAND cable or DSL connection!

Explore EVERY newsgroup in existence!

Now find out a little more about us...

Learn More About!What are newsgroups?

Newsgroups are efficeintly organized into subjects. These subjects range from religion to adult material, celebrities to music, cooking to science research. People who have access to newsgroups are able to both post and read the messages they wish, in both binary (pictures, MP3s, movies, etc.) and text format. YOU DECIDE what you are interested in and find newsgroups that pertain to that subject. Say you like movies, music, or are looking for pictures of your favorite celebrities - there are 100s to 1,000s of groups for these and up to TENS OF THOUSANDS (10,000s) of files posted on each every day - equalling millions of new posts everyday and OVER 1 TERABYTE (1,000 GBs) of NEW content per day for you to read, look at, listen to, or download - plus EVERY newsgroup on Usenet on everything you can imagine!

Let's say you love a certain celebrity, celebrity pictures, or want to look up some gossip about Hollywood sex symbols. Try searching under *celeb* or the name of your favorite sex symbol and see what comes up! "alt.gossip.celebrities", "", "alt.binaries.multimedia.britney-spears", "" are a couple. All you do is click on the group and join the discussion! Read what others wrote and add your thoughts or questions. See the binaries like pictures and movies that others are posting and sharing.

Special Features!With ALL the different groups, you should be able to find just about anything you want! is the greatest place to be for fun, business, school, or just ENJOYING free time!

Special Features! is the #1 Newsgroups Access in the World!

EVERY Newsgroup in Existence.

Download BINARIES, View PICTURES, Listen to MP3s, Watch MOVIES!


99% Spam-Free!

Learn More About! IS PERFECT for beginners, experts, and frequent travelers, and people who love downloading binaries, talking with their Usenet friends, looking at pictures and movies, and finding and listening to their favorite sound files and music.

Special Features! Built-in Bonuses: makes it easy to view the wide variety of JPEG and GIF images, MOVIES, and MP3s posted to Usenet. Our Super-Storm and Tsunami Servers are the largest there is - 20TB - and we keep all binaries OVER 21 DAYS, many even longer - VERY OFTEN OVER 25 DAYS! See them all and save or look at the ones you want! Now you can even save images in archives, just like ordinary messages, because we keep them so long. We carry all image formats supported by Windows and QuickTime, which currently includes JPEG, GIF, PICT, BMP, MPG, MOV, and many others!
Special Features! Batch Downloading:
We make it easy to download a series of binaries FAST, such as images or MP3 collections. Just click DOWNLOAD ALL. Each attachment will be saved to your hardrive - usually at a blazing 500k+/second! Feel free to open as many connections as you can handle - up to 8!
Special Features! Log-in to Your Account ANYWHERE in the World:
GET private, uncensored newsgroups access from any internet account with a news-reader ANYWHERE in the world when you travel. Log-in at home, work, it's up to you! We Give It To YOU!

Special Features!We GUARD YOUR Privacy and Anonymity!
No logs of your downloads are kept. All posts are completely anonymous.

Special Features!SupportSuperb Support!
We offer better and more friendly and detailed support than any other Usenet provider!


More In-Depth Information...

Special Features!Easy to Use:
Our Newsgroups Access was designed, from the ground up, as a package that you will love and will make your newsgroups experience spectacular, more fun, and easy as pie - plus contain many everyday essentials that only we offer! It's made for multiple FULL-SPEED connections, so you can download and view at the same time as much as you can handle.

Gorge yourself on MP3s and binaries. All the things you would expect from the #1 Usenet Provider...
a great all-in-one service!

Special Features!Made for Binaries Addicts by Binaries Addicts -!

Special Features! is designed for different platforms and lifestyles. We provide easy acess wherever you are around the world.
Login at home - at work - ANYWHERE.
Who else can offer that besides

At your news reading and binaries downloading is the most important thing to us! We want you to have the absolutely fabulous pleasure and ease of surfing NEWSGROUPS and clicking on what YOU LIKE and INTERESTS YOU. Love Pictures? Love MP3s? Love Movies and Video Clips? It is up to YOU! "The user must be in full control" is our only belief. Let the user rule the internet!

Special Features! THAT'S US!


Special Features!Detailed Information... The #1 Newsgroups Access in the World!

EVERY Newsgroup in Existence.

Download BINARIES, view PICTURES, listen to MP3s, watch MOVIES!

Some people say looking at pictures on Usenet is just too slow… we say “Not Anymore!”

Introducing to you Anonymous Usenet: the perfected combo of Speed/Newsgroups/Pictures/Movies/MP3s/Binaries/Text for those tired souls who are ready to move up!

Special Features!Other features include:
Flexible, Powerful Style - Open as many as 8 connections if you want!
99% Spam-Free!
Newsgroups on Every Topic - for BOTH Binaries and Text.
Batch Binary Downloading at 500k+/sec - Gorge yourself!
Special Features! No Speed Limits! Go as fast as your system will let you.
Pictures, Movies, MP3s - we have it all - and 20TB of it!
Anonymous Posting!
Anonymous Reading!

Support Common Questions

Special Features!Can I use to READ and DOWNLOAD my total daily allotment to view offline at my convenience? ABSOLUTELY! is made for power-downloaders!

POWER-POSTERS: Can I use AtlantisNews to Power-Post 100s of binaries or large multi-part files? ABSOLUTELY. We do everything for you except type in the message and attach the file. is made for power-posters! However, we DO NOT allow spammers. We want our users to only MAKE USENET BETTER!

Special Features! You are welcome to read anything Usenet has you desire, and post as much as you want. We are TRULY UNCENSORED in your READING and POSTING!

Question: Answer:
Better Than Other News-Servers?
How long is your BINARIES retention?
How long is your text retention? 365 DAYS.
How FAST are you? We have NO SPEED LIMITS for uploading or downloading! You can easily average 500k/sec or MORE per connection up and down! That means you'll MAX OUT your broadband connection nearly every time! You'll find NO ONE faster than us!
No one's faster than us!
How many FULL-SPEED connections may I have at once? Up to 8 simultaneous FULL-SPEED connections.
Many only allow 2 - 4!
How do your prices compare? You'll find for the speed and retention you get with us, we're usually cheaper than anyone else - especially on our larger plans, where we give the most discounts - NO ONE is cheaper than us when it comes to large plans!

If you find someone cheaper - that means they DON'T have OUR speed and retention!

When you combine this with our fabulous customer service, we can't be beat!
For our speed, retention, and superb customer service - our prices can't be beat!
Are your newsgroups uncensored? Yes.
We let YOU decide what you want to do on Usenet!
How many newsgroups do you carry? We carry them all. Currently between 43,000 and 53,000. Trust us - that's ALL OF THEM! Controversial newsgroups and all. When others say they have over 100,000 newsgroups... that means they carry about 55,000 to 75,000 that are misspelled, spam-traps, empty, or dead! They waste their space, and thus, your time. We don't censor... you get all the newsgroups in existence!
We carry EVERY newsgroup. We don't censor. We remove misspellings, dead groups, and spam-traps to save you time! We ADD NEW groups anytime you ask! - Buy One of Our Usenet Super-Accounts!Our Recommendation: If you like comfort, ease, SPEED, and RETENTION while looking at and downloading Usenet pictures or movies... We highly recommend for YOU!

Learn More About!If you have not yet signed up, DISCOVER US! EXPLORE US - We know you'll just love our newsgroups service!
That's because we're the BEST THERE IS!
Explore EVERY newsgroup in existence!

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