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We carry EVERY newsgroup that exists! New newsgroups added daily!

Access to the best world-class servers. Lightning fast downloads! MAX OUT your broadband with binaries!

The longest in the Usenet Newsgroup industry! Up to 3 weeks on binaries! Almost a year on text groups!

Over 99.9% completion. The best peers in the industry.

do not keep logs of your downloads and never distribute personal information about our customers. Every download is 100% anonymous and every post has all identifying information taken out though our one-of-a-kind anonymous posting server! What you do is your business!

Contacting is easy, as
we offer the best customer support than any other Usenet provider. You can contact us 24 hours a day.

Signing up and accessing member information is
encrypted. What you do is safe with us. We put up one-of-a-kind safeguards to protect your privacy along every step of the way - whether it's signing up or downloading or posting - that no other Usenet provider has ever done. We care about your privacy. It's your business - and it's all encrypted and secure.

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