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What are newsgroups?

Newsgroups are efficiently organized into subjects. These subjects range from religion to adult material, celebrities to music, cooking to science research. People who have access to newsgroups are able to both post and read the messages they wish, in both binary (pictures, MP3s, movies, etc.) and text format. YOU DECIDE what you are interested in and find newsgroups that pertain to that subject. Say you like movies, music, or are looking for pictures of your favorite celebrities - there are 100s to 1,000s of groups for these and up to TENS OF THOUSANDS (10,000s) of files posted on each every day - equalling millions of new posts everyday and OVER 1 TERABYTE (1,000 GBs) of NEW content per day for you to read, look at, listen to, or download - plus EVERY newsgroup on Usenet on everything you can imagine!

Let's say you love a certain celebrity, celebrity pictures, or want to look up some gossip about Hollywood sex symbols. Try searching under *celeb* or the name of your favorite sex symbol and see what comes up! "alt.gossip.celebrities", "", "alt.binaries.multimedia.britney-spears", "" are a couple. All you do is click on the group and join the discussion! Read what others wrote and add your thoughts or questions. See the binaries like pictures and movies that others are posting and sharing.

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