is the largest PRIVATE, UNCENSORED newsgroups provider on Usenet!
Lightning Fast Broadband UseNet

Common Questions

Can I use to READ and DOWNLOAD my total daily allotment to view offline at my convenience?

ABSOLUTELY! is made for power-downloaders!

Can I use AtlantisNews to Power-Post 100s of binaries or large multi-part files?

ABSOLUTELY. We do everything for you except type in the message and attach the file. is made for power-posters! However, we DO NOT allow spammers. We want our users to only MAKE USENET BETTER!

Are Connection Speeds ever throttled?

We have NO SPEED LIMITS for uploading or downloading! You can easily average 500k/sec or MORE per connection up and down! That means you'll MAX OUT your broadband connection nearly every time! You'll find NO ONE faster than us!

How many FULL-SPEED connections may I have at once?

Up to 8 simultaneous FULL-SPEED connections.

Are your newsgroups uncensored?

Yes. (We let YOU decide what you want to do on Usenet!)

How many newsgroups do you carry?

We carry them all. Currently between 43,000 and 53,000. Trust us - that's ALL OF THEM! Controversial newsgroups and all. When others say they have over 100,000 newsgroups... that means they carry about 55,000 to 75,000 that are misspelled, spam-traps, empty, or dead! They waste their space, and thus, your time. We don't censor... you get all the newsgroups in existence! We carry EVERY newsgroup. We don't censor. We remove misspellings, dead groups, and spam-traps to save you time! We ADD NEW groups anytime you ask!

What does the error "502 access denied to your node" mean?

It means that your bandwidth has been used up, or your username and password is incorrect.

What is the address of your news server?

The address is

What ports can I use to connect to?

The standard port for usenet is 119

How do I cancel my account?

Simply contact support and we will email easy instructions that you may follow anytime you wish.

How do you bill me on my Credit Card?

Charges appearing on your credit card will be listed as Usenet Providers and are charged every 30 days for monthly accounts, and only 1-time for 1-year and 1-time accounts.